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- What was the cause of the name - The game
- How to work the game - The weapons
- The symbols - The display
- The secret

What was the cause of the name:
No informations

The game:

You fly in a space ship through 6 different levels to fight agains the aliens.

How to work the game:

General information: The game is played with joystick and keys.

Joystick up: Ship fly higher.
Joystick down: Ship fly lower.
Joystick left/right: Moves ship left or right.

Pressing firebutton briefly: Player fires. If you have already collected the multiple shot or the laser, the according weapon will be used.
Pressing firebutton long: The player shot with a big laser line.

Activates a Smartbomb.

[ CTRL ]
Pause the game. Press fire to continue.

The weapons:

Multiple shot: The multiple shot can be extended in up to two degrees by collecting the right symbols. In the first degree (basic equipment) the player fires 9 horizontal shots. In the second degree 3 salvos are fired simultaneously: 3 shots in a 30 degree angle upwards, 3 shots horizontally, and 3 shots in a 30 degree angle downwards. The third degree resembles the second, except that the angle changes to 45 degrees.
Laser: The laser fires horizontally, and can be extended by gathering up the corresponding symbols. Its length extends from an eighth to half of the width of the screen. The laser has a high penetration rate, making it very effective when fighting against several enemies simultaneously.

The symbols:

Multiple shot, 5 times extendable
Laser, 5 times extendable
Reflection Laser, 4 times extendable
Force shield, 5 times hitable
1000 Points
Recharges vitality
Higher speed for the ship
Slower speed for the ship
The player gains a smartbomb
Activates two drones. They circle around the ship.
Extra ship

The display:

Number of ships                    Smartbombs               Beamstrip                    Aktually score

The secret:

Manfred Trenz has put a message in the machinecode from Enforcer. Load the game to the title and go with a program to the address"I 3460" and you can read the message.

Listen up folks, I Manfred Trenz the master, talk to you !    As you can see I'm still coding on the good old C-64 !    I started on this machine in 1984 and I will continue to work on it.    This game is dedicated to all 64-User who are still waiting for good games.    This game was coded in secret and midnight hours from Septembre 1991 to January 1992 with only 2-4 hours available in some few days per week.    So coding was very hard, because nobody should see whats going on.   Oh yes, I hear a lot of people ask why not a Turrican 3 ??    The answer is simple: Coding again a turrican game would not make fun because its alway the same year by year.    So I decided to code the inofficial second part of Katakis called Enforcer.
As usual the idea, design, graphics and coding is done 100% by myself because I found out that this way is the best to get the desired result. Music was done by Markus Siebold of Steel and he did a great job as he always does.    Future productions will contain the label "<THE ENFORCERS">        This game has no copy or program-protection, so if some groupies crack & train this game and spread it proudly so these ones are the biggest fools walking on earth !!    Maybe with an awful Intro before <<Nausea/Puke!!>>        What you gonna do when the enforcers bust you up !?!?        Signed: M.T. / M.D. / E.J. / T.T. At 11.01.1992    Members of the enforcers.